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Events of February:

Spring Festival - the 10th of February 2013!

11th February - Commemoration of the Founding of the Nation in Japan

12th February 1912 - Demising Qin dynasty and foundation Chinese Republic

24th February 2013 - Yuanxiao(Lamps Festival) holiday, usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month.

Events of January:

5th January 1941 - Hayao MIYAZAKI, a promiment Japanese film director and manga artist, was born

The second Monday(14th January 2013) - The day of reaching of the full legal age in Japan

18th January 1947 - Takeshi KITANO, Japanese film director and actor, was born

20th January 1899 - Kendziro TAKAYANAGI, the founder of JVC corporation and the inventor of TV set

23rd January 1907 - Hideki YUKAWA, Japanese physicist winning Nobel Prize in 1949, was born

26th January 1921 - Akio MORITA, one of the founders "SONY" corporation, was born

31st January 1935 - Kenzaburo OE, Japanese writer winning Nobel Prize, was born.

Events of December:

1st December - Cinema Day in Japan

23rd December - Emperor's Birthday in Japan

26th December 1893 - Mao Ze Dong, the famous Chairman of New China, was born

Events of November:

3rd November - Culture Day in Japan

9th November 1867 - Meiji Revolution happened in Japan

17th November 1906 - Soichiro HONDA, the founder HONDA company, was born

23rd November - Labor-Thanksgiving Day in Japan

27th November 1940 - Bruce Lee, famous film star, the master of oriental martial arts, was born

Events of October:

1st October - the Day of foundation Chinese People's Republic

10th October - Health-Sports Day in Japan

15-16th October 2003 - the first space flight of Chinese cosmonaut, Yang Li Wei

21st October 1760 - Katshushika HOKUSAI, Japanese painter, was born

31st October 1887 - Chang Kai-shek, the head of Gomindan government in China, was born

Events of September:

17th September 2012 - Respect-for-the-Aged Day in Japan

23rd September - Equinox!

24th September 1550 - Tang Xian Zu, Chinese playwright and poet was born

25th September 1881 - Lu Xun, Chinese writer was born

29th September 551BC - Confucious's birthday, the famous ancient Chinese philosopher

30th September 2012 - Zhongqiu(The middle of automn) holiday, usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month according lunar calendar more

Events of August:

1st August - the Day of foundation Chinese People's Liberation Army

8th August 1966- The Central Committee of Chinese Communistic Party announced about the beginning of "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China

13-15th August - Bon Festival in Japan

16th August 1926 - Jiang Ze Min, ex-Chairman of China, was born

22nd August 1904 - Deng Xiao Ping's birthday

24th August 1948 - Jean-Michel Jarre's birthday, the first Western musician, who gave a concert in Communistic China

27th August - All-Japanese fireworks contest

Events of July:

1st July - the Day of foundation Chinese Communist Party

7th July(in some places on 7th August) - Tanabata Festival

16th July 2012 - the Day of the Sea in Japan

Events of June:

7th June 1965 - SONY corporation presented the first videotape recorder, which weighed 20 kg and had 995 US dollar price.

10th June - the Festival of Water-Clock in Japan

17th June 2012 - Father's Day in Japan

Events of May:

1st May - May Day

3rd May - Constitution Day in Japan

4th May - Day of Chinese Youth

5th May - Children's Day in Japan

13th May 2012 - Mother's Day in Japan

Events of April:

1st April 1920 - Tosiro MIFUNE, Japanese actor, who played in samurai movies, was born

4th April 2012 - Qingming(the day of memory dead relatives and famous persons)

8th April 563BC - SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA, who got the name BUDDHA later, was born

24th April 1970 - the first Chinese satellite was successfully launched

29th April 1901 - Hirohito, Japanese Emperor was born

29th April - Greenery Day in Japan

Events of March:

1st March 1892 - Runoske AKUTAGAWA, the famous Japanese writer was born

3rd March - Doll Festival in Japan

5th March 1898 - Zhou En Lai, Chinese Prime-Minister, was born

7th March 1924 - Kobo ABE, the famous Japanese writer was born

8th March - International Women's Day

20th March - Vernal Equinox Day

23rd March 1910 - Akira KUROSAWA, Japanese film director was born

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