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Resources in Russian language: 

"Muravei"("The Ant") editoral publishes literature and students books about culture, language many countries, especially China and Japan.

"St.Petersburg's Oriental studies" center publishes scientific books about culture and religion Oriental and Middle East countries.

"Hyperion" editorial publishes books about hystory, culture and art of Japan.

State Museum of Oriental Art

The club of tea culture, introducing Russians to mystery of Chinese tea ceremony

The first Chinese bookstore, offering books from China in Russian and Chinese languages, dictionaries, phrase-books and other items, who are interested in China.

Chinese People's Republic embassy in Moscow

Japanese embassy in Moscow

The society Russia-Japan informs about cultural events in Russia and CIS, organized by Japanese organizations

Taiwanese Panorama magazine

Hayao Miyazaki's page, famous Japanese cartoon artist, whose "Spirited Away" was awarded by Oscar.

Web-site - "All about Japan"

"Studies of Japanese Culture" - the beautiful site about Japanese culture and history


Resources in several languages, including Russian:

Japanese Page The Friendly Web Site about Japan available in Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and English. You can find here a lot of interesting, useful and amazing information about the Land of the Rising Sun by Dreams Come True Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine.

All about China in Russian part of Internet. Informational and educational handbook about China. The goods from China. The goal of the project to provide informational support companies from both countries, opening business in Russia or in China; to elucidate cultural events, related with China.

Nipponia magazine

The Official web site of Moscow Wushu Federation

Siberian Assotiation of Traditional Martial Arts web site

All China: news, mass media, reviews, culture, entertainment

"Renmin ribao" newspaper

China's Official Gateway to News & Information

Radio Japan: news and Japanese language lessons

Russian club in Tokyo


Resources in English language:

Japan: A Web Guide

Official web-site of Namie AMURO and her record company

Hikaru UTADA's official web-page

Highharbor page, dedicated to the one of the famous H.Miyazaki's works

The latest news from Japan Today

The latest news from China Today

Chinese culture at site China The Beautiful

China Window

The painting and calligraphy of Song and Yuan dynasties



Resources in Chinese language:

Chinese Cable TV channel

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