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 "Cherry blossom" photoalbum, which was created after visiting Japanese Garden, locating at the territory of the General Botanical Garden(in Moscow) on 10th of May, 2003.

 On that day at Japanese Garden, the author's attention was attracted the frog's singing, besides the unique views of cherry blossom. This photoalbum is dedicated frogs and ducks.

On the same day but 6 years later, on the 10th May, 2009, the author got a good luck to visit Japanese Garden, where saw cherry blossom again

 This photoalbum consists of the early colour photoes by author, which were taken in August, 1995. The place is Japanese garden. This wonderful place, opened for visiting in 1988, was founded by chance while author was walking around Botanical Garden. In September, 2003, the author created new photoalbum - Automn in Japanese garden.

 Japanese garden is also the place of cultural events. Kites is demonstrated about one time per year.

 The exhibition of ikebana took place in the Central House of Artist(Moscow) in September, 1997.

 These pictures were taken by author travelling around China, by friend's help. The album is The Great Wall , the unique the construction, visible from the space!

  Europeans called Shanghai as "Oriental Paris". But the times is changed, so Shanghai looks like typical big American city, instead European city.

 The author saw real lotus, which he had seen only in pictures before trip to China, in Yiheyuan park (also known as The Summer Palace) (Beijing) in the first time in his life.

 The author also enjoyed the views of the Fragrant Hills and Beihai parks, visited ancient and national observatories, the Tiananmen Square, Marco Polo's Bridge(nearby with this place he came across to stray camels), the Bell & Drum Tower, territory of Qinhua University, saw the Palace Museum - the art treasure, and visited monasteries: the Temple of Azure Clouds, Yonghegong Lamasery, and imperial altar the Temple of Heaven. Moreover, the author prepared pictures the views of Beijing.

 During visiting Moscow Zoo, author's attention was caught by group of Japanese macaques, which resistant to heat and frost.

 During trip around Japan, the author visited and saw.

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