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It happened to get a good luck to visit Japan. The country, which I had eager to see, but I didn't expect that my dream came true. The country, which I had known by TV programs and I had read a lot of books about, but the country is so enigmatic and unique.

After rainy and cool Moscow, sunny and warm day in Tokyo remined us our typical summer day in our northern latitudes. The air turned out clearer than in Moscow, though I remembered the reports about Tokyo policemen, worked in their gas masks. Life has changed and the ecological situation is much better, because of there are a lot of green trees everywhere, giving pleasure for eyes of its lush leaf.

Revealing views of the biggest city of Japan attracted my attention very much that it was given preference to quantity of pictures than their quality. I must remark that the trip turned out so rich that I had time only to press the button of my camera than to think how to draw a right layout of a shot, to set up right balance of white and etc. So only after coming back, I could look through all pictures and chose something suitable for demonstration.

I saw chrysanthemum in Asakusa at the first time of my life. There were several sorts of chrysanthemum. I also paid my attention to ablution of palms in the territory of the shrine. Cleanliness is well-know Japanese virtues. It seems not strange to see a bottle with liquid for cleaning palms in public places. It is one of the bright marks of developed industry of tourism and hospitality in Japan.

The next place in our program was the medieval capital of Japan, Kamakura. Now, this town is not a very big megapolis, having 180,000 inhabitans. There are a lot of shrines, rather small buildings, and narrow streets. In one of the monasteries, Engakuji, I saw camelia. Visiting another, Kenchoji, I noticed a crane on the roof of a building. After that, we saw carps on the territory of Hasedera and went to watch the Great Buddha Amida. In the evening we visited Hachimangu, shinto shrine.

We went to Kyoto from Tokyo on railway by Shinkansen express. The train reaches to 250 km per hour. It goes smoothly, without harsh ride and sudden halts. The travelling enjoys, especially seeing beautiful views of landscapes, mountains, fields and rivers.

Kyoto enchanted me its slow pace of life, a plenty of shrines and sophisticated beauty, which is impossible to express in words! I noticed two sleeping cats nearby one monastery there. To truth, it is difficult to meet an alley animal in Japan, especially dogs. Despite dogs, cats prefer to run away from humans as soon as possible.

The ancient capital of Japan, Nara, doesn't relate anyhow with the so-named river in Moscow Region, Russia.This city impressed me beautiful parks, where a lot of deers(about one thousand) dwell. They beg food from visitors, but it is strictly prohibited to feed them, excluding special food, which is sold there.

Osaka impressed its superb oceanarium, where live representatives of the different seas as fauna as flora. Calm soft music allows to enjoy of the watching and gives pleasure of spending time there! On next day it was excursion around Universal Studio, having places inspired by Hollywood movies. If you don't fear to feel sick after going to to take rides, you can do it, else it is better watch only show of Santa Klaus.

After Osaka, we went to the area of the famous mountain Fujiyama, one of the symbols of Japan. The weather was fine as on previous days. But it was cool in the mountains, and rather cold. In the end of the journey, we visited Yokohama, the seaport, one of the biggest cities of Japan, where is situated China Town. It allows to make a small trip to China, staying in Japan. There are several parks in Yokohama, especially Sankei-en.

In the last day of our visit, the weather was getting bad, and I was delighted that I had a good luck during all the trip and I could enjoy the sunny, very hot non-automn days, shifting from not only distance but from time - from automn into summer!


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