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  I noticed adv about the camp in "Stargazer"/"Zvezdochet" Russian astronomical magazine in March, 1997. I admired to see it, thinking that it would help to expand my knowledge about the world. To truth, I didn't expect the positive result of this one, because I was nearby 25 age, near the margin in allowed range from 16 to 25. Secondly, the financial problem. Now, it have to prove European embassies that you have enough money for living and travelling and don't have any intention to stay in Europe as illegal migrant. But in that year, the embassy's requirements were not so severe. It was a great good luck!

  In IAYC, I got unforgettable experience! I had never travelled in another country alone before. So it helped me in my trip to Shanghai(in 2001), where I went to spend one day having guestbook and advice of my friends. It was like a dream for three weeks with people from many countries, cultures and traditions. I could not believe for a long time that it was in reality that it was not a foreign movie about life in Western Europe.

  The language barrier might have been the serious obstacle in case of intolerance. Sometimes, people contact in one language, but this language is not common for them because of their cultural background and upbringing. I was really admired how some people changed a language easily seeing misunderstanding of the interlocutor.

  The farewell night. Tomorrow all people will go home, but now the campfire under Moon heats our hearts, impressing the beauty of this unrepeatable moment! "Moonlight shadows" song, which is performed around the campfire, filled my soul the power of existance, the feeling of a link between young people, giving peace, joy and happiness!

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